Why should businesses use enterprise video solutions?

Businesses already understand the power of video content in their marketing strategies. According to eMarketer, 93% of marketers used video for online marketing in 2013. A survey conducted by Animoto showed that 96% of video watchers say that watching a video helps them make a purchase decision. That is why 81% of companies are producing video content for their websites according to a survey by the Web Video Marketing Council.

Most companies will probably agree that video is the future of content marketing. This is definitely true in terms of sales and brand awareness but increasingly businesses are starting to invest in video content for internal communications purposes as well.

> “Video is the most engaging experience for everyone. It shows the importance of the message if someone is delivering it in person”, says Chris Lloyd, from digital consulting firm 27partners. If you want to deliver an emotive message, like bad news or a thank-you to employees, it’s much better if they can see and hear you – a video makes it a lot more personal”.

But creating compelling content is just the first step, deciding where to upload the videos so they can reach the employees effectively is something that companies often don’t take into consideration, despite the investment that went into creating the content. Many companies already use widely known free consumer video-sharing platforms, but many problems can arise when using them to share information to an internal audience.

The first concern should be security. Even though videos can be set to private and only shared with a specific audience, distributing passwords around a large company and keeping them secure can be a complex task. Another issue is having control over content. Competitors ads or inappropriate content can appear as related videos.

A good way to get around these problems is by investing in an enterprise solution. In doing so, a company can have a video sharing platform that only hosts videos produced by and related to the company, which solves the issue of undesirable content being presented. Another advantage is authentication, with employees being able to log in with their corporate credentials or being automatically logged in via single-sign-on.

It also allows the business to have a platform that is branded and completely customisable to suit specific needs. It can look and feel like part of the company’s intranet, which employees are already familiar with, making it more attractive and user-friendly. Besides, functions can be added or edited depending on the company’s objectives and requirements.

> “People who buy an enterprise solution would never go back to free internet providers”, says Chris. “They understand the quality of service provided. If anything goes wrong, they have someone to call on to solve any problems, especially in terms of network delivery, such as the performance and quality of videos. The corporate world has high expectations and it is in the enterprise providers’ interest to make sure everything works well”.

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