Three tips for digital transformation

There are several key elements needed to make a digital transformation project a success, from the products you use through the strategy and support from the right people. Here are our top three tips to bring teams together and improve the user experience.

1. Look at a partnership and not just a product: Often companies buy products independently without really understanding exactly what they need them for, what value they can offer and how they should evolve over time. By making sure you have the right approach, people and on-going support in place from start to finish, the solutions you choose will better align to your organisation’s goals and the changing needs of your business.

2. Understand the importance of usage and adoption: You need to consider how your audience is going to be made aware of change, how it fits into their daily lives and what will make them come back wanting more. When defining and articulating the case for change, it’s important to consider the ‘who, why, what, how and when’. You can do this by:

• Understanding the audiences you’re looking to engage with

• Outlining the problem statements you’re looking to combat and both the goals and outcomes you want to achieve

• Describing the functionality you want to create

• Considering not only the technology, but the people and processes that will get you there

• Deciding over what timeframe your solution or service will evolve and how you will involve your audience in that journey.

3. Use people who know the market: These are the experts who will be there to take you through the ‘art of the possible’ and help you understand what can be achieved. They can help to educate your business leaders and teams about what’s already out there (or perhaps what’s not!) that could improve the way you operate.

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