NHS England's video portal increases employee interaction by 700%

NHS England wanted to increase employee engagement and improve the way it communicated across the organisation by launching its own internal video services. With the appointment of a new chief executive, whose goal was to successfully engage with staff throughout the country, 27partners worked closely with the team to develop NTV as a place where managers, executives and employees can broadcast and store live or pre-recorded videos.

“NTV is the home of our staff video – we refer to it as our own YouTube channel. Ultimately, it is the place that staff turn to in order to get the most up-to-date thinking around the organisation,” said Gareth Senior, Corporate Head of IT.

The crunch moment

NHS England has a number of offices across the country, with the majority of events held in London and Leeds. Prior to NTV, NHS England relied on traditional communication methods such as email, written documents, telephones and WebEx; it didn’t have the face-to-face communication it needed as an organisation. This left people working in other areas feeling excluded from key messages. With properly deployed technology, huge savings could be made on travel to face-to-face events.

“When I met the team at 27partners it was clear they were the right people to work with. They had the skills, expertise and knowledge that I didn’t have within my organisation. Straight away it formed a perfect partnership; they understood our business objectives very quickly and I understood them. They knew we needed to get the project off the ground really quickly and that if we didn’t get the adoption from our business, it was going to fail from the start,” said Gareth.

Engaging in a different way

27partners worked closely with NHS England to deploy Kollective’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) software onto its networks and create the design, content management and content strategy for the new internal video portal.

With NTV, employees now have access to all the latest news and updates from the organisation along with training sessions, conferences, key messages, how-to guides, starter inductions, video blogs, live events, speeches and much more. NHS England can now share important messages with staff wherever they are, either live or pre-recorded, ensuring that communication campaigns and internal processes are accessible to everyone.

The project delivered on the aim to allow NHS England employees to collaborate in a far more compelling way, cut down on paper-based communications and save money and time across the organisation.

The results

There are many benefits to NHS England from running live and on-demand video services – particularly from a cost-saving perspective. With a solid up-front business case built on travel reduction and a decrease in IT support calls it was easy to show that the service delivered value for money. The other benefits are the inclusion of staff across the organisation, for example the ability for staff to be able to ask questions and provide feedback during live events in real-time.

In terms of training, NHS England has produced videos about what it does and the induction process, so new people into the organisation can quickly feel part of a family.

As a result:

• Staff feel more empowered, with improved staff inclusion across the organisation.

• Huge cost-saving benefits – especially when it comes to running live events.

• Viewing numbers for live events increasing from 200 to 1,500, and rising when viewing on demand.

• Reduction in IT support calls.

• Improved induction experience and access to the leadership team.

“Our live broadcasts have become really popular. We started off in the early days with a couple of hundred people watching them live, but now we have up to 1,500 people watching the larger events – this is a 700% leap. Overall, the numbers are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the way we’ve improved video and digital collaboration throughout the organisation,” said Gareth.

The future

27partners continues to work with NHS England to help the organisation evolve its service and ensure long-term visions become a reality, as well as supporting teams with any barriers or challenges they may face. For example:

• Making sure the process for making content works well and the work culture supports staff when it comes to viewing and producing video content.

• Making video content accessible to staff on their mobiles.

• Allowing teams to upload personal messages and achievements.

“We chose 27partners to help us with our live webcasting as we didn’t have the skills to do this internally. We had access to the technology but we didn’t understand how to use it. Initially we brought 27partners to help with this, but over time we wanted to become more self-sufficient. It wasn’t long before we gained the confidence to broadcast content and run events on our own and still bring the team in for more complicated broadcasts. This gives me great comfort,” concludes Gareth.

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