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VBrick is a company who deploy bandwidth saving solutions. Fundamentally, a Distributed Media Engine (DME) is used to cache content, greatly reducing connections from the internet, regardless of what you are doing or sending.

Today, social media and video come hand in hand, with millions of videos uploaded every day potentially going viral in minutes. One such video, Chewbacca Mom, racked up 50 million views in 24 hours. Featuring a Texan Mum wearing a Star Wars Chewbacca mask, it became so popular that the mask featured sold out globally, showing that with just one 4 minute video, a product, person, concept or company can promote themselves in the most advantageous way possible.

So, if it is so easy to globally share videos, why isn’t this being done in business and the corporate space?

VBrick offers businesses a platform to make video use as easy as possible to organisations, with an infrastructure which efficiently lets anyone stream video, hold live events and use video on demand without restriction. DME’s can be physical or virtual, with several infrastructure options; locally hosted hybrid and cloud based services.

The management of these is performed by VBrick Rev. As a managed service it can be deployed on or off site. DME’s onsite can be either installed as hardware (think little black boxes) or as a virtual machine blueprint which can be deployed on a number of virtual environments.

“Rev takes the complexity out of managing and delivering video. This enables executives to use the power of video to link globally dispersed work forces and increase employee engagement” – Shelly Heiden, VBrick CEO.
VBrick is a long standing technology, which means that users can see exactly what to do and learn about how it works and should be managed, before they begin a project. Other technologies are time consuming; they need time with networking, firewall and infrastructure teams to explain what traffic needs to go where. With a predefined technology like VBrick, users can request information before the hardware, virtual or physical, is deployed. Another benefit is that a DME connects to Rev management using web sockets which means there is a very small impact on the current network or firewall configurations.

By having a hybrid or cloud deployment service, you minimise what has to happen on site. Requirements here are basic; you only need to deploy the DME’s specifically needed, along with a dedicated connector to your active directory called a LDAP connector.

Management is kept to a minimum with VBrick. As long as there is a central Rev portal, all the DME’s, the content and authentication can be managed effortlessly. Additionally, more DME’s can be added. So, no matter whether your offices expand to new locations or your company uses vast amounts of video technology, more DME’s can always be added.

What is important to keep in mind is that the more companies who use video; the more companies like VBrick will be required. Irrespective of what a company is doing with video, a company like VBrick will always be needed as a reliable backbone.

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