27partners is dedicated to creating compelling online experiences in the workplace to the same standard you get at home.

Working closely alongside 27consulting and 27engineering, we guide you seamlessly through the process of designing, developing, launching and maintaining apps that meet your objectives and deliver great results that will delight your audience.

Why 27partners?

From ensuring apps integrate with existing products such as Sharepoint and Yammer, to helping you access the analytics that reveal how audiences are responding, our 27consulting and 27engineering services will support you every step of the way.

Mark Williams Digital Innovation Lead

Our frameworks


Makes it easy for businesses to share custom-built tutorials and courses that are multimedia-heavy, work across all devices and offline. Enabling businesses to move away from one-size-fits-all learning management systems towards more interactive learning experiences.


Our award-winning real-time feedback app makes it easier than ever to gather feedback. The app empowers your people to build an up-to-date picture of how teams are performing and take action as required.


This multi-award winning digital magazine app makes weekly newsletters a thing of the past. 27edition houses high quality video, text and images in a story-based article format to inform and engage colleagues at all levels.


Described as a secure, private corporate enterprise version of YouTube or Vimeo, this is one of the smartest video services out there. Fully customisable, it plugs into all major internal channels or can be used as a standalone platform.

How we do it

Discover and Design

While you can just pick up and use our products, to ensure you get the most value we work with you to truly understand the problem you are solving.

Implement and Test

Our engineers work to develop new software, integrate existing services and provide the documentation and feedback needed to launch the service.

Use and Adopt

The service is launched and released to the business, with a usage and adoption campaign that aims to get everyone on board and make your project a success.

We understand...

... that when implementing digital services you have to make the technology fit the audience, rather than the other way round. Often the first thing we do is find out how your audience uses existing technology. We want to give employees the same high quality consumer experience they are used to outside of work, whether it’s commenting, sharing and feeding back on content, or being part of an interactive learning experience.