27partners combines an engineering company and a consulting company under the same roof.

The result is that our consultants create solutions that have a solid engineering basis and fully grasp the business requirements needed to make a digital project a success.

Why 27partners?

Made up of designers, developers and solution architects, 27engineering builds beautiful-looking applications and digital experiences as if they are designed for the consumer market. We work in the real world of corporates where many are affected by slow internet bandwidth or older browsers. The difference is we don’t think this means it’s acceptable for technology to look terrible.

Chris Lloyd Technical Director

Key features and benefits

Innovative attitude:

We aren’t satisfied with good enough. We will always show you where we can continuously improve your solution to meet on-going business demands.

Industry expertise:

With our industry knowledge and technical ability, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. To us, anything is possible.

On-going support:

The process continues after the project is delivered, to continuously improve your service over time.

What we do

Design and Implement

Our engineers take the results of the consulting discovery and draw up an architectural plan to implement your service without a hitch.

Manage and Test

The engineering process runs closely alongside 27consulting to ensure projects run on time and on budget and we continuously improve your service.

Use and Adopt

The service is launched and released to the business, with a usage and adoption campaign that aims to get everyone on board and make your project a success.

How we do it?

The engineering team develops software, deploys infrastructure and creates the service that solves your business problem. We use an agile development process and the latest web technologies and cloud solutions to create something both fit for purpose and aligned to your company’s strategic technical goals.

We understand...

... how to integrate video systems and web portals, develop custom user interfaces and applications and deploy and test your services. Ultimately, our aim is to understand and deliver on the requested outcome right from the very beginning of the project.