27partners delivers lightweight, fast and flexible production services that transform live corporate events from boring to brilliant.

We create engaging and compelling audience experiences and provide a unique approach to live streaming and on-demand video across multiple devices and locations.

Why 27partners?

We recognise that when you make an investment, it’s to do things better than you used to. We know what makes you nervous, and this is why we do things differently. We don’t bring in freelancers for every event you run, we use our own people. We don’t transport tons of equipment or take hours plugging in cables, we bring only what we need. Our production service is speedy, flexible and agile, but most of all it’s supported by a familiar team of experienced producers and engineers that work with you to create a great event.

Mark Coomber Sales Director

Key features and benefits

Highly responsive approach:

We are flexible and platform-agnostic, which means we’re happy to use the technology you already have and adapt to changing circumstances.

Simple and speedy:

Lightweight, high-end equipment, set-up and torn down within the hour. We bring only what we need and set up within minutes.

Flawless quality and execution:

We pride ourselves on high-quality production services in terms of network delivery, picture and customer experience.

Consistent and experienced:

We put the same team in place every time, so that you see the consistency and quality you need from a trusted partner.

Customer-focused approach:

As well as the audio and video engineers, we provide an experienced event producer who will answer any questions, run rehearsals and implement best practice.

What we do

Plan and Produce

On-site filming, encoding and distribution, working with your existing technology or our award-winning live video portal and capturing scoring, interactive feedback and analytics.

Test and Broadcast

Management of complex live events over one or many locations, delivered via a single, multi-camera or 360 setup with great sound and high quality video mixing.

Consult and Create

Building studios on the customer’s site to bring down the cost of running many events with additional options such as graphics, pre-recorded content and interactive features.

Train and Support

Consulting on best practice, lighting, directing and development of self-service webcasting with pre-event consultancy and media training to ensure everything goes to plan on the day.

How we do it

27partners produces high quality live events and reacts quickly, whether it’s working around international time zones or broadcasting pre-recorded contributions as live. We also follow-up with evaluation and consultancy support to enable you to improve longevity and value of content through on-demand video or archive footage.

We understand...

... that it’s not just about the technology. There is a real opportunity to improve the performance, customer engagement, interactivity and structure of live events. We know the impact that interactivity has when it comes to immersing audiences in an experience by incorporating interactive video features into your event.