Video Consulting

27partners will help you understand why, how and when to make video a core part of your communications strategy.

We understand that organisations can be concerned about introducing video, whether it’s down to rules and regulations, corporate culture or IT constraints. We have the expertise to shift mind-sets so that technology is managed and approached as an investment, rather than an expense.

Why 27partners?

As the only UK technology company to offer a fully packaged solution for your enterprise video needs, 27consulting will walk you through every step of your journey. We make the most of existing technology, source the products and services needed to make your vision a reality, and ensure your video strategy is built to succeed.

Rob Dumbleton Consulting Director

What we do

Hands-on approach:

Working with you to develop an enterprise video strategy and clear business case that fits your budget.

Health check:

Snapshot review of collaboration and communications practices within your business and advice on next steps.

Project planning:

Workshop series to develop the plan for your video journey and define how progress can be tracked and monitored.

Usage and adoption:

Supporting you when it comes to introducing video to the organisation and training teams to create, manage and analyse content.

Content creation:

Delivering content that focuses on both top-down and peer-to-peer messaging.

Creative and design:

Designing, branding and implementing a service that provides users with a consumer-style experience.

How we do it?

From the ideation through to the build of a bespoke video portal, we believe it’s not just the products that make the difference, but how it all comes together as a useful business service.