Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services can run a function of a company’s infrastructure; anything from storage, management and security to other more varied resources, all hosted externally in the cloud. All infrastructures stored in the cloud can be adopted without user restriction, any individual, small business or global company can undertake the change.

By replacing on site hardware with a few monthly subscriptions, a business is no longer restricted by resources and huge management requirements. This means that a collection of information, anything from accounting data to project management, can be taken from your own dedicated server to an external company on a contracted lease. All you have to worry about are subscription fees. The current alternative to this is having it locally homed within your own server.

It is important to know that there are several levels of cloud base and subscriptions. These will be more or less beneficial to your business depending on the size and expenditure budgets set. These different choices help to guarantee the best possible resources choice for the buyer.

The most common subscription is to both a hosting and support contract. If you are looking for something more personal, high class services are available, where the hosting and support is managed along with work to an end result. This means minimal work is necessary on the businesses part.

Agile expansion with unlimited capacity is the drawing feature of cloud based services. Unlike your own infrastructure, which will have a limited resources, the cloud based services automatically grow in parallel with the data they store and use.

Having an offsite system reduces hardware needs, networking and expenses that come with electricity use.

Even though there are often misconceptions regarding higher security risks of cloud services, there are some genuine issues to consider before undertaking the change to cloud based services. For small businesses, the costs can work out less affordable unless brought in bulk.

The option for a bespoke in-house application developed as part of an internal drive may be more preferable for some companies. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf product which has no guarantee to fit your specific business needs, you have assurance the system will solve your problems.

Irrespective of the important business considerations, there is an undeniable work reduction. With an externally managed system there is less need for employee over-head, giving a workforce more time on their priority jobs.

Whatever decision made, the cloud based services will continue to take over business and consumer markets. Their popularity thrives, with their easy and cheap-to-run system. You can’t help but be tempted.

Suggestions for suitable usage:
 Authentication
With a cloud based service like Onelogin or Ping Identity hooked into your active directory, the service can externally host your login pages.

 Revenue and lead generating software
Salesforce, one of the largest cloud based service companies on the market, store information about accounts and client data securely. They are regularly involved in logistics and customer relationship management.

 Project Management
Cloud management is dedicated to running specific business projects. The option to host Project Management software like JIRA through Atlassian is a popular choice.

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